Reigen - 5 large and 10 small candles

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In the diving bath process I dye the candles by hand. Thus, each with its small peculiarities and irregularities becomes a unique piece.

The large gold-made candle is slightly longer and slightly stronger than many table candles and fits in most candlesticks. The outer wax layer is somewhat sensitive. Be careful when turning into the candlestick.

The small candle fits well into most birthday rings or elements of it. Or have you ever thought about making a small candle holder out of clay, air-drying modelling compound or salt dough yourself?

Protect your candle from draughts, enjoy the light and never let it burn unattended.

Burning time: approx. 9 hours / 1.5 hours

Dimensions: approx. 22mm x 250mm/ ca 13mm x 100mm

You get a nice mixture of current stock: five large and ten small candles. Maybe you can't choose one of my designs so well? Or would you like to have a choice to be able to give away a single candle at a time? Then take this sentence and look forward to unpacking!

Have it light!